Everyone's a Theologian

The Tuesday Night Bible Study class is studying book Everyone's a Theologian. Class study notes are available below if you wish to review or download.

We have not decided which book we will study beginning September 2016 at the Salvation Army 


Part Eight: EschatologyChapter 60 Heaven and Earth Made NewDownload
Part Eight: EschatologyChapter 59 Eternal PunishmentDownload
Part Eight: EschatologyChapter 58 The Final JudgementDownload
Part Eight: EschatologyChapter 57 The Return of ChristDownload
Part Eight: EschatologyChapter 56 The MillenniumDownload
Part Eight: EschatologyChapter 55 The Kingdom of GodDownload
Part Eight: EschatologyChapter 54 The ResurrectionDownload
Part Eight: EschatologyChapter 53 Death and the Intermediate StateDownload
Part Seven: EcclesiologyChapter 52 The Lord's SupperDownload
Part Seven: EcclesiologyChapter 51 BaptismDownload
Part Seven: EcclesiologyChapter 50 The Sacraments of the ChurchDownload
Part Seven: EcclesiologyChapter 49 Worship in the ChurchDownload
Part Seven: EcclesiologyChapter 46 Biblical Images of the ChurchDownload
Part Six: SoteriologyChapter 45 Perseverance of the SaintsDownload
Part Six: SoteriologyChapter 43 Adoption and Union with ChristDownload
Part Six: SoteriologyChapter 42 Saving FaithDownload
Part Six: SoteriologyChapter 41 Justification by Faith AloneDownload
Part Six: SoteriologyChapter 40 Effectual CallingDownload
Part Six: SoteriologyChapter 39 Election and ReprobationDownload
Part Six: SoteriologyChapter 38 Common GraceDownload
Part Five: PneumatologyChapter 37 Are Miracles for Today?Download
Part Five: PneumatologyChapter 36 The Fruit of the SpiritDownload
Part Five: PneumatologyChapter 35 The Gifts of the SpiritDownload
Part Five: PneumatologyChapter 34 The Baptism of the Holy SpiritDownload
Part Five: PneumatologyChapter 33 The ParacleteDownload
Part Five: PneumatologyChapter 32 The Holy Spirit in the New TestamentDownload
Part Five: PneumatologyChapter 31 The Holy Spirit in the Old TestamentDownload
Part Four: ChristologyChapter 30 The Extent of the AtonementDownload
Part Four: ChristologyChapter 29 Substitutionary AtonementDownload
Part Four: ChristologyChapter 27 The Offices of ChristDownload
Part Four: ChristologyChapter 26 The States of ChristDownload