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The ARPF "Thought for Today" has now been active for over three years and has about 130 recipients on the email list. It is now time to ask for feedback on how we are serving you, the recipients. Please take a few minutes and complete this survey and indicate whether or not you would like to continue receiving the "Thought". If you would like to continue or be included as a new recipient please indicate so in an email to this email address: ([email protected]).

If someone has forwarded this survey to you and you would like to be included in the daily mailing please send your email address to my email address above. If I don't hear from you I will assume you do not wish to continue receiving the "Thought" or your email address is no longer in service. In either event your address will be removed from the mailing list. Your help in this matter will help to improve the site. Thank you very much.
Gary Williams

ARPF "Thought for Today" survey

About how long have you been receiving the " ARPF Thought for Today?

Do you receive the "Thought" directly or is it forwarded to you from an acquaintance?

Concerning the length of the "Thought". Is it usually too long or too short?

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