ARPF History

Anchorage Reformed Presbyterian Fellowship

“Is God in this or what?” has been the motto of the Board of Directors since ARPF's beginnings. The Holy Spirit led us to facilities for our worship services and other activities, and additional evidence of God’s blessing came in our uplifting fellowship and the financial response of our congregation. Before any step was taken, God’s help and direction was sought to ensure that He truly “is in this!”

God has surely, wonderfully, and almost miraculously led pastors to our congregation. Each has enriched the spiritual teaching of this worshiping body. Each has brought God’s message in a timely, exciting and reverent manner. Each has encouraged us to continue what God has shown us to do--the emphasis being that God speaks to us through His Word, the Holy Bible, as well as through prayer and our obedient daily walk with Him. We have learned to watch and wait for the movement of the indwelling Holy Spirit to interpret and apply God’s message to our lives as we seek to go forward in service to Him.

As God has “called us out” and continues to direct our path, the Anchorage Presbyterian Fellowship is now formally organized as a non-denominationally-affiliated church. We seek God's blessing on our worship and the work we have been called to do as a new and spiritually vibrant congregation.

January 12, 2014 was the installation of ARPF's first pastor, Bernie Van Ee. ARPF is blessed that he is providing leadership and spiritual guidance.